Resources for Injured Workers in Texas | Know the details here

Employees who are injured at their workplace are provided with informational resources from the Division of Workers’ Compensation, DWC. For a worker to receive benefits for a work injury, the employer must be subscribed to the insurance policy of the Workers’ Compensation System. However, in Texas, the employer is not required to offer this policy. […]

All you need to know about workers’ compensation for dockworkers?

Dockworkers do an essential job for the country’s economic development, but it is also difficult and dangerous work. In this sense, if they are victims of a work injury, illness or fatality, federal law gives them the right to request compensation from their employer to protect their health and protect their family. The Longshore and […]

Cases of third parties and non-subscribers. Everything you need to know!

At any point in their working life, a worker may be exposed to an accident, occupational disease, or fatality at their workplace. Of course, it would be normal to assume that the company will take care of all medical expenses. However, all Texas workers should know that private employers’ participation in the Workers’ Compensation System […]

Do you know the requirements you must meet to apply for Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The purpose of the Texas Workers’ Compensation System is to provide covered employees with medical benefits and payments if they have an occupational disease, injury, or fatality in the workplace, regardless of who was at fault. This system is regulated by the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation. With the exception of public institutions, employer participation […]

Labor exploitation. Is it legal? Can I take action?

Labor exploitation is illegal because it violates all workers’ fundamental rights and guarantees, regardless of their nationality or immigration status. What is labor exploitation? Unfortunately, labor exploitation is an issue that remains valid. And it is understood as all those abuses that the employer commits against the employee, such as working under threat, receiving a […]

Wrongful termination due to pregnancy; find out here what you can do.

In the United States, all workers are considered employees at will. This means that at any time, both the employee and the employer can end the employment relationship without prior notice and for any reason. This rule has its exceptions, of course; for example, if the termination violates a public policy such as discrimination, retaliation […]

What are the rights of an undocumented worker?

With very few exceptions, in the State of Texas, undocumented workers have the same fundamental rights as other workers. In this sense, and regardless of their immigration status, federal and state laws grant them the right to: Receive the correct and timely payment of the minimum wage or more, bonuses, and commissions in the legal […]

Sexual harassment at work in Texas What can I do?

International regulations define workplace sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace that makes the person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated, which constitutes a violation of their fundamental rights and a problem of health and safety in the workplace. What is sexual harassment? The Texas Workforce Commission establishes sexual harassment as […]

Work discrimination in Texas. What can I do?

Employment discrimination is understood as any distinction, exclusion, or preference that a worker or group of workers receive for having different characteristics compared to others. Or for belonging to a class protected by federal or state laws, and that has the effect of nullifying or altering equality of opportunities or treatment in employment and occupation. […]