Do you know what the network is in workers’ compensation? | Houston, TX

Having an accident at work is not pleasant at all, both for the victim of one, as well as for the employers and some services that provide medical insurance, it is the reality. However, for the laws of the state of Texas. Therefore, there is a compensation network of workers that is responsible for medical […]

Injury and Illness Prevention Program | Houston, TX

Working in a suitable space, which allows the tranquility and comfort of the employees, must be a priority for any organization. The conditioning of the place is directly proportional to the quality of the work offered by the employees, since the safer and more comfortable they feel, the better their performance will be. This topic […]

Interlocutory order request | Do you know what it is?

To begin with, an interlocutory order is issued by the court, in this case from Houston, Texas while a case is still going on, before it is resolved. Once the case is concluded, if there is an aspect of the order that has not been discussed, it can be challenged in an appeal of the […]

Emergency care at work / How to act?

If an accident occurs at work, whether you are involved or a co-worker is affected, you must follow certain steps so that the matter does not escalate. However, you should know how to act in a work emergency. This is because, despite your willingness to help, if you act rashly, the emergency will escalate. To […]

What Are Compensable Injuries?

In Texas, there is a program that is regulated by the State, which covers workers who suffer an injury while performing the tasks, assignments and jobs for which they have been hired. This program is regulated by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, which is part of the Department of Insurance of the State of Texas. […]

Are you disabled due to an accident at work? Know what you should do!

First of all, you should know that in Houston, Texas, you are protected if you become disabled due to an accident at work. If you have not fully recovered from your injury that is related to a work accident, you should contact our specialist lawyers on the subject, who will advise you in search of […]

Workers Compensation / Everything you need to know

The workers’ compensation system was created with the purpose of protecting the company’s collaborators who suffer any occupational injury or illness caused by the functions they perform within the company. Many states require this type of compensation insurance, as one of the most valuable benefits for any employee, but in the state of Texas it […]

Guide on what to do if you were injured at work

If you are a regular worker in the State of Texas and have suffered an injury at your workplace, there is a workers’ compensation insurance program. This program is regulated by the State and offers you health care benefits and economic benefits, either for illnesses or injuries at work. Most importantly, this compensation program is […]

Vocational Rehabilitation / What is it and how to take advantage of it?

Vocational rehabilitation are services that help injured or disabled people return to work, which may include a vocational evaluation, general skills enhancement, counseling, refresher training, job searches, and job accommodations or modifications. By law, Houston vocational rehabilitation agencies must collaborate with companies to identify people who may need services, if you require it, it is […]

What is the division of workers’ compensation, and how can it help you?

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is an insurance program that provides payment and medical benefits for work-related injuries. There are jobs that require more strength and attention because of how delicate they are; however, if an accident occurs, every worker is entitled to help from their employer or their insurance company. Therefore, it is […]