What are the rights of an undocumented worker?

With very few exceptions, in the State of Texas, undocumented workers have the same fundamental rights as other workers. In this sense, and regardless of their immigration status, federal and state laws grant them the right to: Receive the correct and timely payment of the minimum wage or more, bonuses, and commissions in the legal […]

Sexual harassment at work in Texas What can I do?

International regulations define workplace sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace that makes the person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated, which constitutes a violation of their fundamental rights and a problem of health and safety in the workplace. What is sexual harassment? The Texas Workforce Commission establishes sexual harassment as […]

Work discrimination in Texas. What can I do?

Employment discrimination is understood as any distinction, exclusion, or preference that a worker or group of workers receive for having different characteristics compared to others. Or for belonging to a class protected by federal or state laws, and that has the effect of nullifying or altering equality of opportunities or treatment in employment and occupation. […]

Vacation time and the workplace in Texas: everything you need to know

In the United States, there is no general law that grants any amount of vacation or days off for workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 establishes regulations for daily and weekly working hours, the minimum working age, and the minimum wage but does not consider time off as a paid right. In this […]

Know What are the Rights of Employees in Texas

All Texas employees have a responsibility to know what their rights are under federal law and how Texas law enforces them. In addition, the Texas Workforce Commission is the government office charged with overseeing the rights of Texas employees who work in businesses open to state labor regulations. In this sense, fundamentally, Texas employees have […]

Longshore Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured in the workplace, you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation insurance. However, dock and maritime workers are covered explicitly by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act? The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, LHW CA, is a […]