Risks of Not Seeking Immediate Medical Care After a Texas Work Injury

It has been proven that workplace accidents within the state of Texas have come to occur every 10 seconds. In some cases they can cause death or serious injury that prevents the employee from continuing their work. Therefore, failure to seek immediate medical attention after a Texas work injury can result in serious consequences. Keep […]

How to protect your rights as an injured worker in Texas?

Many of the jobs in the state of Texas are risky, meaning you have a high chance of being injured. Above all, in the construction and hydrocarbons sectors, where the physical demand is tremendous. For this reason, it is necessary that you know and know your rights as an injured worker in this state. This […]

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim

You are one of the people who have suffered an accident at work and want to apply for the workers’ compensation that corresponds to your case. You must take into account the mistakes that you can make if you do not have the appropriate advice and support. So it is recommended that you coordinate with […]

How to calculate the compensation that I should receive for my work accident?

When it comes to the compensation that you should receive for a work accident, it is essential that you take into account that all workers who live in the state of Texas have compensation insurance, which can cover medical bills and losses in wages that correspond to the time lost due to the work accident. […]

Lifetime Income Benefits

Lifetime income benefits are also known as Lifetime income benefits or LIBs, which corresponds to its acronym in English. Knowing them is of the utmost importance to be able to recognize when are the situations in which they apply. These compensations or benefits are directed to workers who have suffered a series of mishaps that […]

Learn about the 4 benefits of workers’ compensation

Among the benefits provided by the State of Texas are those supports that it provides in terms of workers’ compensation. Above all, in cases where there are some impediments for the employee to carry out their work. Even many of the relatives can benefit in the event that mortality conditions arise for them. When it […]

Do you know what worker’s compensation insurance provides?

Job security is a right in the State of Texas and in the country in general. Above all, it protects you if you have suffered an accident at work and you are waiting for some type of compensation for the event, if it was accidental. However, Texas is the only state in the American Union […]

How do I choose a treating doctor for my worker’s compensation case?

In the event that you need the necessary help due to an accident at work and must receive essential medical attention, it is essential that you can have established comprehensive coverage. Which must be under a certified network that allows you to enjoy the necessary health services in the event of an eventuality in your […]

Do you know the resources for workers in Texas?

The well-being of workers will always be of the utmost importance for any company that safeguards their safety in their work environments. That is why, in order to give you the necessary support and that the experience for your recovery is positive, you manage to find the minimum resources for the process to be successful. […]

Do I need to be fully recovered to return to work?

No one wants to suffer a work injury, but it is something that cannot be avoided, in most cases. However, there are laws that protect you in case you have to stop working in the event of an accident at work. If you are injured and have no way to file a claim, you can […]