Do you know what worker’s compensation insurance provides?

Job security is a right in the State of Texas and in the country in general. Above all, it protects you if you have suffered an accident at work and you are waiting for some type of compensation for the event, if it was accidental. However, Texas is the only state in the American Union whose compensation is voluntary.

This means that employers can choose whether or not to belong to a workers’ compensation program. However, public employers and those that focus on the construction sector with government institutions are required to offer workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance works hard to try to insure and protect both parties, the employer and the worker alike. Therefore, compensation insurance becomes a benefit for both.

What does this insurance offer?

Workers’ compensation insurance entitles the employer to pay for workers’ compensation insurance policies that are managed by a private insurance company. In addition, employers can insure themselves under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Law and with private insurance companies.

Workers’ compensation insurance can offer you as an employer protection and legal advice in case of an accident at work. If you are a worker, this insurance is the only one that can provide you with comprehensive medical coverage and disability compensation, if necessary.

This insurance can offer workers the medical attention that is required to treat the illness or injury suffered in the place where they are working. In addition, it will replace a part of the income that they may lose due to the work accident that they suffer. That is, the policy pays a part of the worker’s salary that has not been earned due to being sick or injured.

Workers’ compensation insurance offers legal protection to both workers and employers for damages as a result of the incident. Finally, it provides legal advice if either party has been the victim of negligence by any of those involved.