Risks of Not Seeking Immediate Medical Care After a Texas Work Injury

It has been proven that workplace accidents within the state of Texas have come to occur every 10 seconds. In some cases they can cause death or serious injury that prevents the employee from continuing their work. Therefore, failure to seek immediate medical attention after a Texas work injury can result in serious consequences.

Keep in mind that you must enforce your rights as a worker because if the injury worsens you will not be able to make many of the claims that are essential in these cases. In this sense, at Rendon & Associates we care about providing security so that you can carry out your process and advise you on the steps to follow.

What happens if you do not seek immediate medical attention in Texas after an accident?

Within the statutes established in the laws regarding work injuries in the state of Texas it is imperative that you obtain immediate medical attention. Also, inform the supervisor of the incident that has occurred. In case of not informing and not receiving the necessary health care, the injuries may get worse. In addition, this could complicate the process for the legal claim of compensation.

It is essential to have all the receipts or invoices that allow you to make your reimbursement through said compensations. For which it is necessary to contact a legal representation service, which can present your claim. In general, these jobs are usually done through the human resources representatives of the company for which they work. As long as you complete all the documentation and where the published report in medical care is included.

This is where the importance of receiving due care lies, especially since these procedures allow all your medical and rehabilitation expenses to be paid for. In addition to recovering and maintaining salary, as well as receiving compensation in case of emotional or psychological injuries that have resulted from said work accident.