How to calculate the compensation that I should receive for my work accident?

When it comes to the compensation that you should receive for a work accident, it is essential that you take into account that all workers who live in the state of Texas have compensation insurance, which can cover medical bills and losses in wages that correspond to the time lost due to the work accident.

There are cases in which the employer does not subscribe to this system, if so, you must go to a different route to be able to access these compensations and even proceed to file a claim against your employer. This could be more complicated, however it is well worth the effort.

You can find these types of processes in our firm, we will provide you with all the support and help you may need. Above all, if you need to know how to make the calculations with reference to the compensation systems. Although from now on, we will give you a brief explanation, so that you have an idea of what a professional should include in case you can receive compensation for a work accident.

How to make the calculations for compensation in the event of a work accident?

In the state of Texas under the workers’ compensation system, professionals must include a whole host of benefits. In principle, all medical expenses must be included, including drugs, hospitalization, therapies, clinical studies and rehabilitation treatments.

In the same way, they must include those wages that have been lost due to the work accident, as well as, in the cases in which there are psychological sequelae as a result of the accident, be it depression, stress or panic attacks.

The amount that this system manages can cover 70% of the income in average weekly salary, a benefit that you can have available for around 104 weeks. These incomes exist when there are injuries that affect the work performed by the worker and are directly related to the job.

They can even receive income that is established for life, if the accident has left the worker disabled. The amount to be established is 75% of your average weekly salary. For these events apply loss of limbs in the body, injuries to the spine or brain, as well as third degree burns.