3rd Party Cases and Nonsubscribers

By their nature, injuries rarely happen conveniently; This goes for what caused the injury as much as anything else. In some simple cases, an equipment malfunction will cause a workplace injury, and the employee can file a claim and be done with it. In other, more complicated situations, a person or entity affiliated with the employer injures an employee while on the job. 

These are referred to as 3rd Party Cases. In other cases still, a worker will be injured on the job only to discover that their employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance. Those cases are referred to as nonsubscriber cases. 

Fortunately, Rendon & Associates can handle both.

3rd Party Cases

Workplace injuries are not exclusively caused by workplace equipment or activities. For example, say you are driving between work sites as instructed by your employer. While proceeding through an intersection, a negligent driver runs a red light and strikes your vehicle. You suffer a concussion and need to take some time off of work. The negligent driver is not affiliated with your employer, but at the same time, you would not have been at that intersection at all if not for your work assignment. This situation would require a 3rd party liability claim in which you go after the negligent party responsible for your injury.

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Non-Subscriber Cases

In the state of Texas, private employers can choose not to provide workers’ compensation. The companies who opt out are referred to as non-subscribers. If you are injured at work and discover that your company is a non-subscriber, you can still file a claim against your employer to secure the funds you need. Contact Rendon & Associates right away, and we can get the process moving. 

It is more complicated than simply filing a workers’ compensation case; you will want an experienced team of legal experts on your side.