What are cumulative injuries in workers’ compensation?

When talking about cumulative injuries, reference is being made to all kinds of traumatic injuries that accumulate and occur over time. In most cases, the workers are not aware that they have suffered an injury and these are diagnosed by the treating physicians. In this way, these are injuries that have developed over the years and which must be compensated by the company for which I work.

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Examples of some of the cumulative injuries that occur

Among some of the cumulative injuries that occur are carpal tunnel complications due to extensive typing time and repetitive work performed. Likewise, we can find orthopedic injuries due to consecutive work or that are carried out for a long time, such as bending, transporting objects or lifting heavy things.

Likewise, it happens with diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis or bursitis, which can degenerate areas of the body. Even muscle sprains and spasms fall under this type of cumulative injury.

What can you do if you suffer this type of injury?

In the first instance, seek the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney or licensed cumulative injury professional. It is the way in which you can recover compensation and the benefits to which you are entitled so that you can receive financial aid, thus meeting your needs. These services give you the security to carry out the necessary medical tests and determine the appropriate diagnosis. Situation that will provide you with the easiest solution to track the injury or condition that you have.

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