What are the most important laws regarding Workers’ Compensation in Texas?

It is important to clarify that each state within the United States has its own laws or systems. Therefore, the state of Texas, for workers’ compensation, has its own constitution in which the labor code appears. In title five it includes all the legal foundations concerning the compensation determined for workers. It corresponds to this being the most important in this area.

There are all the general provisions on how it should work and be administered, in addition to the statutes corresponding to the regulation, coverage, and benefits for workers. Likewise, they are determined in case of disputes and practice of the procedures to be followed in case of any eventuality.

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What does this Act say about workers’ compensation in Texas?

First, this Law regarding workers’ compensation in Texas is concerned with protecting employees in various cases. But, to a large extent, it deals with the compensation that should be given to you in the event of an accident at work.

It requires the employer to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which allows them to have income benefits or medical benefits in case of injury or illness as long as it is related to the work environment. It must be taken into account that not all employers will compulsorily comply with this requirement. However, in the public sphere, it is mandatory.

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