Denial of a workers’ compensation claim in Texas: What to do next?

As is well known in the state of Texas there is a compensation claims program for injured workers. Which is governed by the laws of this state, being one of the few that recognizes this type of compensation. However, you should be aware that many employers do not have the subscription and do not qualify for this type of compensation.

It is essential that you stay informed if your employer is underwritten and has the necessary coverage for workers’ compensation. Because if he does not have this benefit, you should immediately contact a lawyer. Which has the experience and credibility, to solve the compensation to work in Texas.

Under this premise, at Rendon & Associates we take care of attending to all the steps that are necessary in case of making a claim for workers’ compensation and providing a solution in case of a denial.
What to do after a denial of a compensation claim?
First of all, after a denial of a compensation claim, it is important to be clear about all the information, regarding whether the employer has insurance that covers these compensations or not. For this reason, it is essential to have the support of legal professionals to comply with all the legal processes that are necessary in the claims.

It is these professionals who can give you the support to fill out the forms correctly for the claim process. In addition, upon receiving a denial, they will establish the processes indicated for such cases. They have the capacity to investigate the conditions of the same, interview witnesses, obtain medical records, carry out trials and make any appeals that have to be made.

In the event that your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, you should proceed by suing the employer or the company directly. Therefore, this will be subject to the laws or regulations established in these cases, specifically to the State of Texas.

However, cases can also be presented in which the employer has its own private insurer and is not subscribed to the State compensation system. To do this, he must have the necessary information and the company is obliged to provide it.

In all cases, you can access the services provided at Rendon & Associates and have a professional who gives you the essential support for this type of claim. Above all, in case of receiving a denial of a compensation claim for your work in the state of Texas.