What is the division of workers’ compensation, and how can it help you?

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is an insurance program that provides payment and medical benefits for work-related injuries.

There are jobs that require more strength and attention because of how delicate they are; however, if an accident occurs, every worker is entitled to help from their employer or their insurance company. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of the DWC since understanding its function will give you more security and peace of mind at work.

Not all companies in Texas provide this insurance for their workers since it is not required by law. But, most do have it to protect themselves financially. In the event of a work-related injury, this insurance is responsible for the paperwork, case management, and compensation.

If you suffer an injury at work and your employer does not have Workers’ Compensation insurance, our legal team at Rendon & Associates is at your disposal to help you. Remember that regardless of whether your employer has insurance or not, if you were injured on the job, they should be held liable.

After a work injury, you should consider these steps:

  • Report the incident: The right time to report the accident is immediately after it happens. It is crucial to make the report as soon as possible so that the time, place, and details of the accident are recorded.
  • Document the injury: Gather evidence of what happened, such as photos, the report, witness statements, or medical reports. This data will be extremely valuable to your case.
  • Get medical attention: This is one of the most important steps because if you suffer an injury and are in a lot of pain, you need to get prompt medical attention. Even if there are no symptoms initially, it is best to visit the doctor to rule out damage not yet visible.
  • Don’t take the first offer: The workers’ compensation program is an insurance company; therefore, you have incentives to pay as little as possible and prioritize profits. The first offer you receive may not be enough to cover your long-term expenses and losses.
  • Contact a lawyer: If your employer or the insurer does not want to fulfill their responsibility, hire a lawyer to guide you through the entire process and fight for the compensation you deserve.