Injury and Illness Prevention Program | Houston, TX

Working in a suitable space, which allows the tranquility and comfort of the employees, must be a priority for any organization. The conditioning of the place is directly proportional to the quality of the work offered by the employees, since the safer and more comfortable they feel, the better their performance will be.

This topic has become increasingly important in the business world, although it must be considered even in the smallest enterprises. In this sense, the dependents can claim before the law if the company does not comply with the minimum conditions in the offices, warehouses, and factories. Such claims can become lawsuits, which experts in defense of workers advise.

Poor management of the work space can lead to occupational accidents and even illnesses, the latter in the case of factories or laboratories where waste is handled.

Regardless of the conditions, these injury and illness prevention lawsuits can differ depending on where they are concerned. In theory, the state laws of any country (which has a minimum of legal guarantees) would have to guarantee these processes. In Houston, Texas, for example, Rendon and Associates has more than 30 years of experience defending workers’ rights and protecting their rights in the workplace and with their employers.

There are several cases in which these claims can be given. The first is when the worker continues to be an employee and demands better working conditions, in order to avoid an accident. The second case is the worst and results when a problem has already occurred and compensation has to be made. Third and last, we have the situation where the employee suffers an illness, caused by poor working conditions.

The important thing is that workers feel that they have the right to claim the most optimal work infrastructure and, when their rights are violated, they know who to turn to and what steps to take.