Discover the Critical Deadlines in Labor Compensation that every worker should know

First, to know the critical deadlines in workers’ compensation that every worker must take into account, it is essential to know what this type of coverage is about. So it is nothing more than employee compensation through income and medical benefits if injured within their work area. It must be regulated according to the insurance departments of the state of Texas.

It is important to keep in mind that every worker has the right to access this workers’ compensation and that the employer must consider providing this opportunity as a requirement to ensure compliance with the regulations. However, there are those cases in which workers are not assigned to the labor compensation that the law requires.

For this, there is nothing better than having the services of a law firm like Rendón & Associates. These professionals are the ones who are willing to provide all the necessary help and essential support in case of obtaining labor compensation. Likewise, they are in the capacity to comply with the necessary times so that your situation can be solved.

What is the time frame to file for workers’ compensation?

Regarding the critical deadlines to request workers’ compensation, in case you have suffered some type of accident and even if the worker dies, it is important to have the required insurance in these cases in the first place. This is a program that the state of Texas provides to all employees in order to give them an income or benefit in the event of an injury.

The deadlines handled if you have suffered an injury or illness must be reported within 30 days. You must fill out a form in the insurance department to which you are attached related to labor compensation. You should keep in mind that every employer is in a position to meet the requests of their workers. It is considered an illegal situation if they treat you in a discriminatory way.

Under these conditions, you must have legal professionals specialized in labor compensation so that you can provide an effective solution if any type of complication arises, either physically or financially. For this, at Rendón & Associates, we have the appropriate personnel.