Workers Compensation / Everything you need to know

The workers’ compensation system was created with the purpose of protecting the company’s collaborators who suffer any occupational injury or illness caused by the functions they perform within the company. Many states require this type of compensation insurance, as one of the most valuable benefits for any employee, but in the state of Texas it is not guaranteed, since the employer can choose to grant or not this benefit to their employees.

These types of companies are called non-subscribers, because they do not have compensation insurance for their workers. However, this does not mean that if you are hired by a non-subscribing company and suffer an injury at work, you cannot do something about it or file some type of claim with the company that implies compensation.

In this sense, at Rendon&Associates, we recommend that you leave your case in the hands of a legal professional who will represent you and help with legal protection, so that you can obtain the benefits that correspond to you for the work injury you have suffered.

Likewise, there are 4 types of compensation benefits for workers in the state of Texas, highlighting the following:

Income: it is part of the money that the worker receives for everything he lost due to the illness or injury he suffered, except for those benefits that are granted for disability income. These benefits include: temporary, supplemental, disability and lifetime income.

Doctors: they cancel you for the medical care you require, according to the injury or illness that is related to work.

Burial or death expenses: they pay part of these expenses, not all of them, but some of them to the person responsible for paying.

Cause of death: spouses may obtain a benefit for life, for the death of the employee due to a work injury or work-related illness. And they will continue to enjoy this benefit, even if they marry again.