What services are available to me if I’m injured?

Suffering a personal or work injury is not pleasant for anyone. Luckily, in Houston, Texas, you can count on various services that could save your life and provide you with adequate care. Depending on the case, the services will be ready to solve the situation you are going through.

If there are injuries at your workplace, we recommend that you contact our labor lawyers, who are experts in labor litigation. In addition to the emergency services that are available to you, you should not discount the services of legal counsel, and that you may be dissatisfied with or receive no compensation.

If you have suffered an occupational injury or disease at work, your employer will file a claim with the company that provides medical services and thus be able to choose which ones will help you, in addition to the benefits that are yours by law. You can even opt for financial services if the injury or illness has disabled you for a considerable time.

When you suffer any damage due to a work accident you can opt for medical benefits; where the company that provides services to the workplace is responsible for providing the appropriate treatment for you to recover, at little or no cost to you.

In addition, you can opt for monetary benefits; This service is responsible for reimbursing part of your salary that you have lost when you are not working, due to an injury or illness associated with your work activity.

The laws in Houston, Texas, have specifically stipulated the amount of weekly money that corresponds to you based on your salary earned just before the accident. In addition, this service can stipulate the number of weeks that the monetary benefit can pay you for being injured or sick.

If there is the unfortunate event of a fatal accident at your workplace, medical, financial and legal services are extended to the relatives who depended on the deceased worker and to the survivors who may qualify for the benefits derived from these services.