What Are Compensable Injuries?

In Texas, there is a program that is regulated by the State, which covers workers who suffer an injury while performing the tasks, assignments and jobs for which they have been hired. This program is regulated by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, which is part of the Department of Insurance of the State of Texas.

This compensation includes medical bills if you have been injured. Also, if that work-related injury or illness causes you to lose some or all of your earnings for more than a week, these compensable injury policies cover the wages you’ve lost in that time. Similarly, employers who adhere to compensable injury insurance can do so through private insurance policies or under the image of “self-insurance.”

This applies if the requirements of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Law are met. In such a way that public employers and those who sign contracts with a labor entity, have to provide mandatory workers’ compensation.

What has to happen for an injury to be compensable?

You should keep in mind that not every workplace accident is listed as a compensable injury. To do this, you must have suffered an illness or injury while employing duties, activities and performing actions that were common and that were considered in a line of work that the worker needed from you. Before accessing this resource, you must first consult with specialists in the area, so our professional attorneys will be able to help you in this matter if you have been injured at work.

Likewise, the injury and illness must not have been suffered while doing activities that are not related to the work itself. For example, for being joking when using machinery or dangerous chemicals. While in some work environments bosses, managers, and others allow jokes and other distractions, if you are injured in these time slots, insurance companies will not compensate you for days of lost wages or the price of medical bills.