Interlocutory order request | Do you know what it is?

To begin with, an interlocutory order is issued by the court, in this case from Houston, Texas while a case is still going on, before it is resolved. Once the case is concluded, if there is an aspect of the order that has not been discussed, it can be challenged in an appeal of the case’s final judgment.

Generally speaking, an interlocutory order may be requested by a litigant in a case. In labor terms, a request for an interlocutory order is made by a litigant to be paid medical and salary benefits in the event of work-related accidents and if an employer has not paid the salary established in the employment contract.

As in all litigation, this request for an interlocutory order can be requested while your case is being analyzed and discussed in court, until the final decision of a labor dispute is reached. To reach these instances, you must be advised by true lawyers specializing in labor litigation in Houston, Texas, like us.

Remember that, in the case of labor disputes, the employer can also request an interlocutory order and resolve a claim that has been made. If they accept it, it does not mean that it is the end of the legal procedure since they must wait until the end of the verdict. If the case goes in your favor and the interlocutory order is still in effect after the verdict, you can challenge it.

As we explained before, an injury may happen to you at work, but the company where you work has not put in place the workers’ compensation mechanisms and you have had to file a lawsuit, since you have not received a salary or They have taken care of your medical expenses.

Well, suppose your case goes to court. In that case, you can make a request for an interlocutory order before the judge so that the employer begins to compensate the medical expenses or pay you the salary that you have not received due to the injury. This request can be accepted until the end of the litigation is reached and the court renders the final verdict.