How do I choose a treating doctor for my worker’s compensation case?

In the event that you need the necessary help due to an accident at work and must receive essential medical attention, it is essential that you can have established comprehensive coverage. Which must be under a certified network that allows you to enjoy the necessary health services in the event of an eventuality in your company.

It is there where our advice responds and under the tutelage of our lawyers it will be possible to incorporate you so that you can access the list of doctors destined for this purpose. It is essential to find the specialists who handle the cases of workers’ compensation patients.

To do this, use some tools that allow you to find the available lists of treating doctors. At our firm we are concerned that workers receive all the benefits that they are entitled by law, which in many cases are not well known to workers.

What should you do to find doctors in a workers’ compensation case?

Initially, it is important that you find a way to find a directory of physicians who specialize in workers’ compensation care. Many of these professionals inform through their own advertising. In the same way, when making an appointment with the doctor, it is good that he can provide you with information for your specific case.

Additionally, it is important that you can access the general information of the treating doctor and if you meet the requirements that your coverage needs. In the event that the professional you are attending is not to your liking, you can locate a new doctor without any restrictions for it.

Are there benefits?

When you have a workers’ compensation underwriting, you may receive income based on your weekly wages. Money that will be issued by the insurance company, which will be given during the time that the injury remains. These are finalized when returning to their work.

In the same way, you can receive compensation if situations of disability arise and even if the injury becomes serious and you are at risk for life. Additional benefits include medical examinations, treatments and physical therapies.

Our firm is ready to meet each of your requests and assert your rights. It is our professionals who will have the necessary time to advise you and give you the guidelines to follow as appropriate in your case.