Guide on what to do if you were injured at work

If you are a regular worker in the State of Texas and have suffered an injury at your workplace, there is a workers’ compensation insurance program. This program is regulated by the State and offers you health care benefits and economic benefits, either for illnesses or injuries at work. Most importantly, this compensation program is offered regardless of who is at fault for the work injury.

This program includes occupational diseases that you have suffered in your work environment. An example of this is the chronic conditions that can occur in the lungs, caused by the inhalation of toxic chemicals in your workplace. If you want to receive our assistance, as well as information about what you have to do if you have been injured at work, continue reading below these lines.

What to do if you are injured at your workplace

First, workers’ compensation is an insurance program administered by the State of Texas that provides you with payment and medical benefits if you’ve been injured or made ill on the job. If this has occurred, you must report your injury to your employer immediately or within 30 days from the date you were injured.

Also, the 30 days start to run from when you found out that an illness or injury is related to the work activity you are performing. If you don’t report the injury to your employer within 30 days, you may not receive benefits.

Now, in the State of Texas you have the right to hire a lawyer so that he can advise you on the claim for compensation, in the event that an accident at work has occurred. Therefore, our best specialists in Houston, Texas, are at your full disposal.

If you have been injured, you have the right to select the doctor who will treat you. Whether you are on the list provided by the employer or you are not in an employee compensation health care network. If this is the case, you can choose the doctor who is willing to treat your injury or illness.