Emergency care at work / How to act?

If an accident occurs at work, whether you are involved or a co-worker is affected, you must follow certain steps so that the matter does not escalate. However, you should know how to act in a work emergency. This is because, despite your willingness to help, if you act rashly, the emergency will escalate.

To begin with, your workplace must have a document of some kind indicating the address and telephone number of the nearest hospital. To give you some context, in the state of Texas and the city of Houston, employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Therefore, if your employer is subscribed to this program, they must have on hand the medical personnel who must attend to the workers in case of an emergency.

If the employer is not subscribed, you have the option to call the emergency services and offer first aid (if you know how to apply it) to your injured colleague. In the state of Texas, there are many dangerous workplaces, such as construction, oil and gas companies, manufacturing, and transportation, among others.

Depending on the location, you should give whatever first aid is appropriate and wait for the injured worker to be moved to a safe location. The first thing you should do before the emergency services arrive is to reassure yourself, remain calm, and reassure the injured worker. In addition, if they work on the site and have to attend to many people, you should not let them crowd around that person.

Never move an injured worker unless you know what you’re doing or if you haven’t assessed their condition first. If he is unconscious, it is better to leave him alone, cover him with a blanket or something similar that allows him to maintain his temperature. Regardless of the emergency, the only time you should move an injured colleague is if a fire is imminent or if they have been electrocuted.