Do I need to be fully recovered to return to work?

No one wants to suffer a work injury, but it is something that cannot be avoided, in most cases. However, there are laws that protect you in case you have to stop working in the event of an accident at work. If you are injured and have no way to file a claim, you can contact us, our specialist lawyers will be there to assert your rights.

Suffering an accident in the place where you work, apart from being painful, is stressful, both for you, your pocket and for the operations of the business or company where you are. Plus, one of the most stressful things you’re going to go through is deciding when you can go back to work. If you do it too soon, it could make your injury worse, but you could face financial problems in other cases.

To answer the question, the ideal is that you are fully recovered to return to work. But, this time, you don’t decide when that will happen. This is because you have to come into contact with many professionals who will decide when you have to return to your workplace. Also, they have to determine what kind of work you can do after an injury.

These people, with whom you should actively contact, are: your treating physician, the employer, the claims administrator, and your attorney. That way, if you haven’t made a full recovery, but want to keep working or can already work, these people will determine what you can do.

By law, it is established that no one can force you to work if you are still recovering from a moderate or serious injury. This will be determined by the treating physician. Likewise, the treating doctor must send a medical report explaining your current physical conditions. If the doctor considers that you can return to work, he must establish under what conditions you can return to work.

These conditions must be established specifically according to the work area or the activity that you are performing. You may be fully recovered from a serious injury, but you won’t be able to lift much weight when you get back up.

For this reason, a medical check-up is essential when establishing whether you need to be fully recovered from an injury. If your treating physician has determined that you cannot return to work until you have fully recovered, no one can require you to return to work.