Contributing injuries | Houston, TX

In the state of Texas there is a set of processes that allow knowing when an injury has contributed to a more serious condition and even death. That is, if a work accident has been the cause of a serious injury or if it was only a contributing factor.

However, in the case of death, specialists will determine if a contributing injury caused it. If this is so, then it can be said that, by definition, the death of a person or worker has not been natural. Even if the injury has only contributed in a small part to a pre-existing condition worsening or an injury becoming more serious, it should not be considered natural.

If you need professional advice in case of suffering a personal injury or at work, our specialist lawyers will offer you all the necessary help in these cases. If your injury represents a risk and it is necessary to take the case to court, you can count on us so that the process is fast and you obtain the benefits that by law belong to you.

Contributing Workplace Injuries

According to the laws of the state of Texas, when a worker suffers an injury on the job, he is a contributor to something more serious, he is entitled to compensation. Therefore, if you have suffered a setback in your workplace or an activity has made a condition worse, you can request compensation for it.

When you suffer an injury, it requires a medical examination that certifies that, in fact, said mishap has contributed to the damage you have experienced. Similarly, there are various types of injuries that, in turn, have different criteria for demonstrating that the workplace or a work activity contributed to the injury or that it is a contributing injury.

Now, once the specialists have established the type of injury, the terms of compensation are determined if said injury has occurred in the course of work or as a result of doing some work during working hours.