Is Impairment the Same as Disability?

When it comes to work-related injuries or illnesses, it’s crucial to understand the difference between “impairment” and “disability” before initiating a workers’ compensation claim. Often, these terms are used interchangeably, but it’s essential to recognize that each has a specific meaning that can influence eligibility for certain benefits and the amount of compensation received. Defining […]

Understanding the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure: Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention

Discover the signs and risks of asbestos exposure, from respiratory issues to gastrointestinal problems.

For much of the past century, asbestos has been widespread in various industries thanks to its unique properties, such as heat resistance and insulation. For this reason, it was incorporated into the construction of buildings, automotive and naval products, and even everyday use products such as insulation and building materials. Unfortunately, over time and through […]

The Role of Insurance Adjusters in Workers’ Compensation Cases

the pivotal role of insurance adjusters in workers' compensation cases

Workers’ compensation is crucial to protecting injured workers while performing their duties. Within this system, we find insurance adjusters who play a fundamental role in all cases. First and foremost, it’s important to clarify that insurance adjusters are professionals responsible for evaluating workers’ compensation claims. Among their responsibilities are investigating, negotiating, and resolving the claims […]

10 Types of Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation in Texas

the comprehensive coverage provided by workers' compensation in Texas

Workers’ compensation is a fundamental resource for every worker, especially those who have suffered injuries or illnesses related to their job duties. For this reason, it’s essential to know which medical situations this system covers to ensure necessary medical care and support during such difficult times. In the following article, we will explore the types […]

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation You May Not Be Aware Of

Workers’ compensation insurance protects you in case of injuries or illnesses directly caused by your job duties. Often, workers are aware of the primary benefits they can claim, but some unknown aspects can make a difference in their recovery. In this article, we will explore these benefits so you can become acquainted with them and […]